Spring ’18 Tempts with Uncommon Hues + Cross-Seasonal Staples

Before we know it, the snow will have come and gone, and we’ll be enjoying the warm weather once again. But we don’t need to wait for the changing of the seasons to start dreaming of what’s to come once springtime hits. That’s right, the Pantone Color Institute has released its spring/summer 2018 fashion color reports for both New York and London, and we can’t get enough! These warm-weather pigments perfectly take fashion (eyewear included, of course!) from autumn to spring in a snap. Take a peek at the upcoming season’s hottest hues, below.

New York: With an overarching vibe of uplifting shades, the New York color palette grants wearers the opportunity to play and experiment with color combinations to create something uniquely their own. Starting off with a pop of orangey red and lively yellow, Cherry Tomato and Meadowlark are quintessential feel-good tones perfect for spring and summer. The periwinkle hue of Little Boy Blue is a fun addition, while untypical spring shades like the brown-based red of Chili Oil and the chocolaty pigment of Emperador ground the palette. An array of pink tones from the romantic Pink Lavender, to the subtle peach of Blooming Dahlia, to the flamboyant fuchsia of Spring Crocus make way for the magical purple hue of Ultra Violet. Almost Mauve easily fits into any blend of this season’s colors, while a sharp yellow-green, Lime Punch, and a blue-toned retro green, Arcadia, round out the bunch with attractive panache.

New York Spring/Summer 2018 Pantone Color Trend Report

Seasonal Essentials: Tying the two fashion meccas together, these base layers effortlessly lay the foundation for spring’s bright palette. The deep navy of Sailor Blue is an anchoring pseudo neutral, while the ultimate mid-tone gray of Harbor Mist allows for layering. Naturally comforting Warm Sand is a perfect beige, and Coconut Milk steps in as the mainstay of “summer white”.

Seasonal Essentials Spring/Summer 2018 Pantone Color Trend Report

London: Following New York’s suit, this palette has its fair share of vibrant pigments, while even borrowing key colors from its Atlantic counterpart. Palace Blue is an energetic cerulean that sets the stage for familiar Cherry Tomato, Meadowlark, Lime Punch and Ultra Violet to make an appearance. A sophisticated and earthy pink, Ash Rose, is a muted addition while Pink Lavender, Blooming Dahlia and Almost Mauve fill out the flushed hues. The deep reddish brown of Spiced Apple reminds us of autumnal flair, but when paired with the obvious springtime serene base of Nile Green or the flirtatious charm of Rapture Rose, it’s easy to welcome this tone in the new season.

London Spring/Summer 2018 Pantone Color Trend Report