Swoon Over Spring 2014 Eyewear Trends

Given the wild winter we’re currently experiencing, we could all definitely use a much-needed warm up! So even though it’s hard to imagine a world without snow-covered streets, gloomy skies and freezing cold temps, do yourself a favor and set your sights on the sizzling season ahead. Trust us, your wardrobe and peepers will thank you, as the warmer months are set to be filled with fabulously fresh fashions, not to mention spankin’ new specs and sunnies for guys ‘n’ gals alike! So check out the sweet trends and must-have glasses for spring 2014 below, and hit up Eyecessorize.com for even more deets and frame suggestions!

Women’s Trends:

Breezy Spirit

Even the most light-hearted beach babes will ooh and ahh over the oceanic-inspired sunnies and specs making waves this spring. A mix of stone grays, moonlight whites, sea greens and placid blues provide a calming base, while relaxed shapes further the serene feeling rooted at the very heart of this trend. Fluidity is paramount, especially in the soft curvatures of each and every frame. No-frills eyewear maintains its minimalistic integrity by relying on soft marbled and textured effects, glossy overlays, and subtle ombré and color-blocked finishes, inducing an elusive sense of intrigue without being over the top. Breezy beauties will surely be swept away by this season’s charming new additions.


Derek Lam (Skyler), Ann Taylor (AT206), Michael Stars (Mod Girl), Alexander Collection (Sharon), Genevieve Boutique (Vivacious), Superdry (Comets)

Faded Summer

Ladies who live for the dog days of summer will soon be grinning from ear to ear after spying these sultry, yet earthy, frames. Flirty shapes of the ‘60s and ‘70s – think back to aviators, rounds, cat-eyes and geometric silhouettes – break through the horizon, but this time they’re updated with fashion’s latest must-haves, like layered acetate, integrated brow bars and smooth finishes. A sun-faded palette of rich cinnamons, opulent golds, warm neutrals and deep maroons, keeps these shades and glasses anchored and wearable. This crop of warm-weather eyewear achieves the perfect combination of glowing fervor, old-school vibes and quintessential embellishment, making it every sunshine lover’s ultimate accessory for the season.


Ziggy by Cendrine O. (1386), Vera Wang (Anelle), Just Cavalli (JC565S), Jack Purcell (P006), Costa Sunglasses (Goby), Corinne McCormack (Nouveau)

Fearless Intuition

For the unabashed, spearheading divas, these show-stopping frames are calling your name! Strong, saturated tones channel every color of the rainbow, from canary yellows to bleached pinks to audacious fuchsias to lustrous blacks. But it doesn’t end with bold pigments. Jaw-dropping shapes up the ante, with wild butterfly, cat-eye and oversized profiles that are simply irresistible. Bottom line: These head-turning shades and specs are all about making a scene, but in a good way, of course. So all of those fashionistas in search of expressing their creative aspirations need not look any further; they’ve finally met their match in spring’s unadulterated eyewear selection.


Face à Face (Poppy 1), ICU Eyewear (7376), Scott Harris (SH-289), Plume Paris (Clamart), Tory Burch (TY 9030), MYKITA & Damir Doma (Rita)

Men’s Trends:

Architectural Serenity

Crisp, geometric lines and monochromatic color schemes are the driving forces behind this mathematically inspired eyewear trend. Straightforward silhouettes like clean squares, extended rectangles and angular designs become more noteworthy simply because of their stark, yet pleasing, architecture. A limited palette of matte blacks, pebble grays and polished metallics, paired with subtle crystal effects, aerodynamic flat-tops and soft color blocking, presents an uncomplicated alternative for disciplined gents who like to keep their look refined and functional. These classically engineered frames are wardrobe essentials that no fella should ever live without.


TD Tom Davies (996991), Jaguar (37801), eyeOs (Sebastian), ÖGA (Copentate), Randy Jackson (RU 912P), Ogi Eyewear (8056)

Brazen Trailblazer

Go-getters, who are known for breaking ground when it comes to fashion, will be revved up to see the latest specs ‘n’ shades marching down spring’s runways. A riot of color – featuring minty to algae greens, cool to electrifying blues and opaque to zesty citruses – re-energizes traditional menswear for edgy appeal. Shapes, however, raise the stakes with flashy shields, athletic wraparounds and oversized aviators, while metallic studs and accents, strong browlines, colored lenses and two-tone effects smoothly top things off. Without a doubt, self-assured men looking to make style headlines are sure to take advantage of the adventurous options this season.


Cazal (633), ck Calvin Klein (1198S), frost (Runner), Geek Eyewear Victor Ortiz Collection (Geek VO2), Icon Eyewear (75236), Optic Nerve (Variant)

Seventies Reboot

Eyewear takes on the playful ‘70s era this spring, but with a refurbished mindset. Old-school aviators, rounds, wayfarers and Clubmaster-inspired profiles meet modern, futuristic updates, such as layered constructions, mixed materials and look-at-me brow bars. Natural colorways replicate an Instagram-like filter, with sepia tones and gritty, tanned hues at the forefront. The mantra behind these retro glasses and sunnies centers on adding depth and richness, while becoming a conversation piece. Soulful dudes hoping to express their appetite for authenticity and charm will find themselves face-to-face with a plethora of top-notch frames to choose from during the warm-weather months.


William Morris Black Label (BL026), Shwood (Eugene), Mr. Powers Eyewear (No. 97), Marc Ecko Cut & Sew (Illusionist), Maui Jim (Honomanu), GUESS (GU 6794)