Spring into Style with Eyecessorize

Curious about what’s predicted to be trending in eyewear for spring/summer 2017? Keep scrolling for an overview of the top four eyewear trends – and what’s on the pipeline for frame colors, shapes and details – Eyecessorize is anticipating for springtime. And don’t forget to follow the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram (@eyecessorize) to stay in the loop on the hottest styles in eyewear.


Stark Sophistication


Colors: Crisp whites, milky grays and creams, rose and yellow golds, silvers, serious blacks and smoky greens

Shapes: Geometric- and aviator-inspired silhouettes, sleek cat-eyes, fluid rounds, and angular rectangles and squares

Details: Extremely minimalist designs with see-through, matte and metallic finishes, double bridges, contemporary patterns, cut outs, bold color blocking and flat lenses

New Age Athleticism


Colors: An array of highly pigmented aqua, royal and navy blues, plum purples, crystal clears, lime and forest greens, sunny yellows and citrus oranges

Shapes: Chunky and oversized rounds, modified wayfarers and aviators, wraparound profiles and easygoing rectangles that are sporty in nature

Details: Rubberized effects, translucence, camo-inspired prints, and colored, reflective and tinted lenses

Naturally Eclectic


Colors: An earthy palette of burnt oranges, sun-bleached nudes, ambers, coppers, seafoam greens, blacks and rich reds

Shapes: Categorically vintage profiles such as studious squares, geeky rounds, alluring cat-eyes, and traditional wayfarers and Clubmasters

Details: Quintessential keyhole and unexpectedly bold bridges, horn and tortoise prints, inclusion of natural elements, textured effects, jewel appliques and ombré colorations

Posh Peculiarity


Colors: Statement lavender purples, cherry reds, brightened emeralds, chic whites, luxe golds, and a lovely assortment of bubblegum, hot and pale pinks

Shapes: From rounds, to cat-eyes, to squares, to aviators, to shields and everything in between, but with funky twists

Details: Gem-encrusted frames, shimmery motifs, polka dot and striped patterns, floral elements, layered metals, daring bridges, lacquered looks and mirrored lenses