Spring/Summer Sees an Eye-Popping Palette

As the weather becomes more wintery with each December day, it’s only normal to be concerned about one thing: staying toasty and dry. Over-sized coats, furry scarves, soft gloves and waterproof boots fill most closets during the frigid months, while bright sundresses, skimpy shorts, lightweight tops and strappy sandals are pushed aside. But don’t let these reminders of warmer times become afterthoughts during the chilly months. Think ahead to budding flowers, beating sunshine and blue skies! Take note from those in the fashion realm. After all, they’re already predicting what’s to come for spring/summer 2013, especially the season’s most essential colors, which can all be translated to our favorite accessory: eyewear.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, spring/summer is all about balancing vibrant hues with more understated tones. Seeking inspiration for women, designers honed in on nature’s beautiful colors and brought to the table a gorgeous palette of neutrals, brights and darker shades, which combine to create a harmonizing effect. Green is going to be the go-to color of the season, with acidic green hue Tender Shoots, muted mint tone Grayed Jade and elegant, rich color Emerald taking center stage. Make majorly unexpected statements with African Violet, a cool purple hue that resembles lavender, as well as Poppy Red, an effervescent color that instantly brings a sense of fun to any look. True to the season, pantones Nectarine and Lemon Zest add spurts of invigorating spice to the collection. But shades of blue—the lighter, grayish Dusk Blue, and the darker, navy-like Monaco Blue—and nude Linen serve as anchors, equalizing the color equation.

Frame information from top to bottom: Alexander McQueen(4212s); Michael Stars(Frenchie Flair); Face a Face(Vinyl3)

The color palette for men is almost identical to that for women—both share the goal of generating harmony with calming and wild colorations. Tidal Foam, the season’s version of khaki, reveals a snippet of green, allowing it to pair well with Emerald and Grayed Jade. Likewise, colors like Alloy, a medium gray, and Linen are excellent base hues to tone down livelier swatches like Poppy Red, Vibrant Orange and Sunflower, a deeper, muddled yellow. And don’t forget, the sophisticated Monaco Blue serves as the bracing tone of the entire assortment.

Frame information from top to bottom: Marc Jacobs(MJ451); Derek Lam(DL245); Smith Optics(Soundcheck)