Stand Out in Evo-Tec Specs

Ladies, listen up! Ogi Eyewear’s strikingly trendy Evo-Tec Collection is no longer just for dudes. The fabulous brand just added a bunch of new styles to the line that are full of feminine flair! From their vibrant colors—like hot pink, neon aqua blue and bright purple—to their sleek rectangular silhouettes, to their two-toned finishes and color blocking, these specs are perfect gal pals who wanna make a spexy statement! To boot, they’re crafted with an ultra-lightweight material and nose pads, so they’re super comfortable and won’t slip off! Get the rundown on these frames here!

Evo-Tec (4805) in two colors, Evo-Tec (4806) and Evo-Tec (4808) in two colors