Steal the Spotlight in ic! berlin Eyewear

Live it up in new bold eyewear from the Rubber Collection from ic! berlin. Effortlessly blending high-fashion with sporty style, these frames boast pilot-like, square and rectangle silhouettes that are lightweight and durable. Understated cut-outs, edgy layered effects and sleek double bridges are complemented by wildly cool patterns and vibrant hues. Refresh your eyewear wardrobe with statement-ready watercolor designs in flashy blues and deep grays or flaunt an urban look in rich burgundies, soft navies, intriguing beiges and classic blacks. Check ‘em out, below.

ic! berlin (Bigspin), ic! berlin (Five-O), ic! berlin (Phil B.), ic! berlin (Alley-Oop), ic! berlin (Tobias J.), ic! berlin (No Comply)