Summertime Sunnies on NY1 Courtesy of Jenn Falik

Those scorching hot summer months are fast approaching, and y’all know what that means—sunnies are about to become even more of a fashion staple! To kick start your summertime wardrobe, Jenn Falik—our fabulous spokesperson and fave style guru—shared her insight on NY1 into the top sunwear trends you should look for that’ll mesh perfectly with your seasonal garb! Whether you’re on the prowl for bold hues, throwback silhouettes or fun-lovin’ prints, Jenn’s picks cover the gamut—she showcases everything from beach-y and statement-making shades, to architecturally and retro-inspired sunglasses.

But while making sure you’re dressed to kill from your eyes to your toes, don’t forget what else those trusty sunnies can provide—UV protection, of course! One in 10 folks admits they don’t wear sunglasses (ever!), meaning they’re putting their peepers at serious risk for major health issues. Help change that scary statistic by make sure your next pair of shades comes with UVA and UVB protection, and you purchase ‘em from a reputable dealer. Take a looksie at just a few of the gorgeous frames featured in the segment below. Dig what you see? Then definitely check out the full segment and all of the featured sunnies on our website!

Icon Eyewear (30311), Lucky Brand (Solana), TOMS Eyewear (Yvette), Judith Leiber (JL1654)

Icon Eyewear (30311), Lucky Brand (Solana), TOMS Eyewear (Yvette), Judith Leiber (JL1654)