Surge into Spring with S/S ’18 Eyewear Trends

It’s hard to believe it now (are those snowflakes we see in the forecast?!), but spring will soon be upon us, and that means we get to explore new eyewear trends for the impending season! As always, there’s a frame for everyone, from statement-making profiles with bursts of colors and patterns, to vintage-inspired silhouettes infused with iconic accents, to familiar shapes with ultra-wearable neutral hues, to modernized frames flaunting contemporary effects. Guys and gals alike can dive into these warm-weather looks and sport an array of details like flash lenses, floral patterns, double and keyhole bridges, cut-outs, embellishments and more. Take a peek below at a sampling of what’s in store, and for more inspiration, check out all the trends here.

To the Future

Colors: An essentially colorless array of metallic golds, silvers, gunmetals and bronzes, whites, beiges and blacks, with sly pops of blues, purples and pinks

Shapes: Streamlined rounds especially with double bridges, traditional aviators, simple squares and rectangles, angular and smooth cat-eyes, and shields, all with a futuristic vibe

Details: Modern elaboration is the undertone, with totally metal constructions, intertwined effects, ombre finishes, industrial additions, stripes, temple shields, and tinted and metallic reflective lenses

Barton Perreira (Fortuna), Colors in Optics (Sandy), JINS (Joost), Readers.com (Beatrix), Scott Harris Vintage (VIN44), TD Tom Davies (79844)

Loud + Lush

Colors: Bold primary hues of reds, yellows and blues, not to mention vibrant oranges, greens, purples, teals and hot pinks, with the occasional neutral intermixed

Shapes: Statement-making geometric, chunky square, oversized round, reinvented aviator and feline-inspired silhouettes, as well as sportier looks including shields and wraparounds

Details: Prints of flora and fauna reign supreme, in addition to flashy lenses in equally brazen hues, funky cut-outs, unexpected bridges and architectural embellishments

allo readers (Namaste), Desert Sunglass (SP20640), Face à Face (Chance 1), l.a. Eyeworks (Rayon), O-Six (Scarlett), Smith (Rounder)

Proverbial Favorites

Colors: A quintessential palette of tortoises, grays, nudes, blacks and navies, with hints of rich reds, pastel pinks and translucence

Shapes: Easygoing rectangles, squares, rounds and wayfarers, plus sleek butterfly and cat-eye profiles

Details: Keyhole and double bridges, color blocking, browline emphasis, metal add-ons, and layered and striated effects, alongside tinted and mirrored lenses in muted tones

Studio by ICU Eyewear (7611), KLiik denmark (K-612), Nina Ricci (SNR096), Shwood (Monroe), Staag Spectacles (Swinley), TOMS Eyewear (Luisa)


Colors: Antique-esque yellows, browns, off-whites, burgundies, emeralds, blacks and powder blues, plus muddled metallics

Shapes: Categorically old-school rounds, Clubmasters, wayfarers, squared-off aviators, ovals and cat-eyes, all reflective of yesteryear

Details: Styling reminiscent of all eras takes center stage with tinted lenses in earthy yellows, ambers and greens, vintage patterns refurbished, scalloped edging, gemstones and textured effects

DSquared2 (SQ5240), Matsuda (10601H), Modo Paper-Thin Acetate (454), Original Penguin (The Conley), Steve Madden (Candiid), William Morris Black Label (BL40001)