Eye-Popping Makeup Looks from Lafont + Clinique

Specs-wearin’ gals unite! Ladies, don’t sacrifice your makeup regime because you wear glasses. Lucky for you, renowned cosmetics line Clinique and iconic eyewear brand Lafont have teamed up to help women simultaneously take advantage of their frames and emphasize their eyes. Just take a looksie at their fave beauty looks that’ll perfectly complement your peepersRead more »

Jenn Falik’s Beauty Tips for the Bespectacled

Eyecessorize spokesperson and style expert Jenn Falik is our spankin’ new ongoing guest blogger! You may have spotted her dishing out fashion and beauty advice on hit TV shows like “The View,” “Rachael Ray Show” and “E! News,” just to name a few! So in coming months, be on the lookout for even more blogRead more »

Primed ‘n’ Eyewear Pretty

Gal pals, don’t let your gorgeous face get lost under a pair of striking specs—after all, your glasses are meant to accentuate those pretty eyes of yours! By making a few simple, yet key, adjustments to your daily beauty regimen, you can ensure that your peepers and the rest of your features will always popRead more »