Find Endless Style in Converse & Lucky Brand Shades

Whether you’re an eclectic hipster, sports enthusiast, habitual trendsetter or devoted prepster, you’ll be more than able to satisfy your personal style with one of the wonderful new additions to Converse or Lucky Brand’s fall sunwear collections. Both brands boast vibrant color combinations, updated shapes and all around clean and trendy designs. Check out whatRead more »

Converse and Lucky Deliver Straight Specs Appeal

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you are well aware that eyewear is all the rage right now. Specs have been a hot accessory in many of the top runway shows as well as donned by endless celebs.  If you aren’t already a spec-tacular prescription wearer or a plano-loving eyewearista you’ll want toRead more »

Kick Back in New Converse Eyewear

Converse is known for its upbeat, eclectic style and is a perfect match for those of you who love fashion, but don’t want to look like everyone else in the room. To help usher in the spring season, Converse by REM Eyewear has unleashed 18 new styles across three collections, all with a mix ofRead more »