Eyeing Up Frames for Back-to-School

As summer (sadly) comes to a close, mommas and daddies alike will be on the prowl for new back-to-school garb for their little ones! Fresh specs and sunnies are absolute musts for any youngster’s fall wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends while maintaining a spirited, youthful vibe, these frames are totally appealing to squirtsRead more »

Revisiting Vintage Designs with Dolabany Eyewear

The perfect blend of yesteryear and the present, Dolabany Eyewear’s winter eyewear collection recreates vintage styles that capture the true retro trend! Made the old-fashioned way, these well-crafted specs are the epitome of old-school chic. Navy and aqua blue, reddish amber and rich caramel hues—all reminiscent of past times—run the gamut. To boot, classic round,Read more »

Dolabany Eyewear: Where Comfort and Color Collide

Let’s face it. Nobody likes wearing uncomfortable specs. After all, they’re usually adorning your face for hours on end, so they’ve got to feel—and look—just right! Luckily, Dolabany Eyewear has combined the best of both worlds with the latest Paxton eyeglasses. Crafted with a lightweight material, these frames were specially designed for a single purpose:Read more »

Show Your Wild Side With Dolabany Eyewear

If you love accessories that appear to be classic, but feature surprising pops of flavor, then eyewear from Dolabany’s fall/winter collection is perfect for you. These simpler designs use bright colors, like lavender and lime green, on the inner temples to add that extra bit of cool to their frames. Wear these specs to lookRead more »

What’s New For S/S 2013 Eyewear Trends

It’s never too early to start thinking about next season’s fashion trends—including those for eyewear. To stay on top of the game, we partnered with Stylesight, an online trend forecasting company, to put on an exclusive trend preview featuring upcoming eyewear styles for spring/summer 2013. In Stylesight’s fabulous office space in the heart of NewRead more »