Ted Baker Frames Offer a Universal Fit

When it comes to eyewear, we totally know how important it is to get the perfect fit, especially if you have unique facial features! Specially crafted for those with lower nose bridges, flatter face form and higher cheekbones, the latest Ted Baker Universal Fit specs are perfect for those of varying ethnicities—after all, they boastRead more »

COVERGIRL Specs Designed to Fit All Gals

Babes, regardless of what facial features you covet, COVERGIRL has the perfect pair of frames for you! Its new Designed to Fit collection for spring boasts specs that appeal to women of all ages and ethnicities, offering specialized size options while delivering truly trendy styles. Capturing the fun ‘n’ fresh spirit of the COVERGIRL lifestyle,Read more »

Masculine Style Meets True Fit with Red Tiger

Dudes of all ethnicities are sure to dig Red Tiger by Zyloware’s latest collection of specs specially crafted for varying facial structures. Boasting adjustable nosepads and a wider angle of flair, these frames accommodate those with a flatter nose bridge and high cheekbones. To boot, they’re quite stylish, yet ideal for the manliest of gents.Read more »