Flexon Specs for the Coolest of Kiddies

Strong ‘n’ flexible, light as air and simply brilliant, the new Flexon Kids collection seamlessly blends supreme durability with the latest fashion trends! Flaunting rubberized temples with playful camouflage patterns in a vibrant array of hues—like hot pink, royal blue, teal, neon yellow, lime green and citrus orange—these specs will surely keep your youngster lookin’Read more »

Bend the Rules with Flexon

Designed for the modern man, Flexon takes evolution to the next level with its Mechanical Synergy Series, featuring bolder, sharper styles that embody industrial inspiration. Boasting lightweight, contemporary designs, these glasses were derived from breaking down functional machines and observing each piece individually. Drawing influence from this notion, the frames’ screw-like accents and open-slotted barrelRead more »

Flawlessly Framed: Celeb Edition

We have quite the treat for you today: lots of celebs sporting their best shady and spexy looks. Armed with their statement frames, these hot A-listers won’t disappoint even the snobbiest of eyewear lovers — enjoy! The Hunger Games was a hit, and so is the leading actor’s shades. Josh Hutcherson can’t go wrong withRead more »