Be My Valent-EYE-ne?

Love is in the air, ladies! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re left seeing pink, not to mention red and purple, of course! Regardless of whether your valentine is a special someone, a sweet friend or maybe even yourself, you oughta celebrate in spexy fashion. Revel in all things affection by adorning yourRead more »

Playfully Chic Specs by Humphrey’s Eyewear

On the prowl for subtly fashionable specs with understated, yet playful, elements?  Then the latest frames from Humphrey’s Eyewear are just right for you! Featuring a subdued palette of purple, mint and lime green, and classic silver, with soft patterns and color-blocked detailing, these glasses boast the ultimate balance of sophisticated style and lighthearted fun.Read more »

Get Fabulously Fresh in Humphrey’s Eyewear

You’re young. You’re hot. But you’re in need of new specs. Not to worry gal pals…the latest frames from Humphrey’s Eyewear will only pump up your oh-so-chic look, without cramping your style! Featuring flirty silhouettes and bright colors, these glasses will instantly make you feel fabulously fresh! Come on, what youthful babe wouldn’t want that?!Read more »