Summertime Sunnies on NY1 Courtesy of Jenn Falik

Those scorching hot summer months are fast approaching, and y’all know what that means—sunnies are about to become even more of a fashion staple! To kick start your summertime wardrobe, Jenn Falik—our fabulous spokesperson and fave style guru—shared her insight on NY1 into the top sunwear trends you should look for that’ll mesh perfectly withRead more »

Dive into the 1920s with Gatsby Eyewear

Hold on to your hats folks! The Great Gatsby has officially hit theaters, and you know what that means. Fans across the country will not only be flocking to their local cinemas to see the much-anticipated film, but also indulging in the craze that was the roaring 1920s—a time oozing with spirited musical enlightenment, over-the-topRead more »