Koali Creates a Symphony of Color

Inspired by the movement of plant life, the newest Koali specs are designed to mirror the effects of motion and depth. Crafted with a material made up of three different textures and densities that ripple through a translucent color base, these frames evoke the delicate pattern at the center of the Clématis flower. Stunning seafoamRead more »

Koali Embraces an Oceanic Frame of Mind

Inspired by the Sohal surgeonfish, the latest Koali specs – boasting the sea creature’s signature namesake – combine earthy elements with stylish flair for utterly unique designs. Reminiscent of the fish’s striking horizontal stripes, these frames flaunt a single line along each temple in vibrant green and neon blue hues. Streamlined rectangles and fluid subtleRead more »

KOALI Eyewear Rooted in Nature

With their fluid, tendril-like lines and primitive color palette, the Népenthe II specs from KOALI are a gorgeous representation of the tropical “pitcher plant.” Boasting a smooth vase silhouette, the plant proved to be the perfect inspiration for these whimsically native frames. Simplistically rounded rectangular frame fronts allow for the swooping, interlaced temples and richRead more »