Randolph Puts Unique Spins on the Aviator

There’s one thing in common when it comes to Randolph Engineering’s collection of sunnies for fall – all of its shades are varying versions of the same silhouette, the coveted aviator. From classic teardrop, to square, to funky round profiles, all of these sunglasses have something fresh to offer with a slew of subtly sleekRead more »

Randolph Sunnies Pay Homage to Legendary Pioneers

Inspired by iconic aviation and aeronautic pioneers Amelia Earhart and Samuel Archer King, the newest progressive aviator shades from Randolph Engineering are all about attitude and innovation! The Amelia frame—fittingly named after the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic—flaunts a traditional teardrop silhouette, giving way to a careless and laid back air perfectRead more »