Converse Specs are Bursting with Fresh Style

Stand out in the crowd with the new youthful specs that are full of life from Converse. Vibrant, eye-catching colors combined with the ultimately flattering rectangular shape make for unique frames that will capture everyone’s attention. Both guys and gals will appreciate the details in these fun glasses like keyhole bridges, engraved pattern effects andRead more »

SPINE Specs with a Backbone

Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Completely screw free, yet beyond strong, SPINE’s eyewear hinges are able to move in all directions, absorbing and dissipating shocks, thus greatly reducing breakage. To boot, they flex to fit any face shape, gripping with the lightest touch, but shutting back automatically when liftedRead more »

Lucky Kid Frames Give Way to Easy-Breezy Styling

Embodying the free-spirited flair of southern California, the latest Lucky Kid specs are rooted in whimsical hues, relaxed silhouettes and playful accents! Bold colors like hot pink, bright blue and rich purple collide with classic neutrals, allowing youngsters to explore the possibilities of expression and develop their very own unique style. Versatile rectangles, ovals andRead more »

Eyeing Up Frames for Back-to-School

As summer (sadly) comes to a close, mommas and daddies alike will be on the prowl for new back-to-school garb for their little ones! Fresh specs and sunnies are absolute musts for any youngster’s fall wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends while maintaining a spirited, youthful vibe, these frames are totally appealing to squirtsRead more »

Converse Kids Glasses Celebrate Spontaneity

Designed for the young ‘n’ rebellious, the latest Converse Kids collection of specs pushes boundaries and offers a blank canvas for creativity! Reveling in all things spontaneous, these glasses flaunt easygoing silhouettes, energetic hues and bold styling. Some even rock Twist ‘N’ Turn Temples that can be flipped around, revealing a new fun color toRead more »

Seeing Through a Material World

From fabric to wood to leather—and lots in between—new and quirky materials are making spexy ‘n’ shady appearances these days! Spotted on the hottest fashion runways, it’s no wonder these unique textures and finishes are being incorporated into eyewear for guys and gals alike. Bringing depth and unexpected flair to your peepers has never beenRead more »

SPINE Eyewear for the Perfect Amount of Tension

Let’s face it. Every relationship has a little tension. But the relationship with your frames—from SPINE Eyewear, that is—can have just the right amount so your head gets a nice hug. The new brand boasts specs and sunnies offering up ground-breaking fit and comfort. A segmented hinge and cable system allows their temples to moveRead more »

Tumi LITE Offers .04 Ounces of Masculine Style

Calling all gentlemanly avid travelers. We’ve got your ticket to instant style. Say hello to Tumi LITE, the brand’s new collection of specs that are just .04 ounces—that’s as light as a boarding pass! These comfortable, durable and high-quality frames are specially crafted to meet the demands of any on-the-go, yet fashion-forward guy. With aRead more »

Fall ’14 Readers Trends for All Sorts of Styles

Simultaneously bid farewell to squint and say hello to style with fall’s spankin’ new stash of reading glasses! Let’s face it—nobody digs struggling to see the teeny tiny font that’s sprawled across everything from books to newspapers to magazines. But lucky for you, there are lots of fabulous readers and sun readers (if you frequentRead more »

Fall 2013 Eyewear Trends

Get Carried Away with Fall 2013 Eyewear Trends

We know fall seems far off given the three-digit temps hitting most cities across the country, but it’s never too early to start prepping your wardrobe with the impending season’s essentials. You know what we’re talking about — let’s give those peepers a makeover with some brand spankin’ new frames! There are plenty of funRead more »