Cutout Effects Command ProDesign Specs

ProDesign has used the sleekest silhouettes and the most vibrant colors to create its latest retro specs! Crafted with an alluring metallic color palette—of pink, purple, orange, amber, blue and red hues—these traditional and semi-rimless frames are sure to brighten up any gal’s face! But the fabulous zigzag temple cutouts are what truly put themRead more »

Faves from New York Fashion Week

With all of our energy focused on merely surviving these frigid and dreary months, it’s hard to believe the fashion realm already has us swooning over the fabulous trends fit for next fall/winter. Over the past two weeks, the world’s top designers, with their amazing collections in tow, took New York City by storm forRead more »

Spring 2013 Eyewear Trends Make a Splash

Spring is right around the corner, eyewear lovers! It’s time to set our sights on the newest trends hitting the scene when it comes to our beloved specs and shades. Get the scoop on spring/summer eyewear trends for men and women below so you can look your spexy best during the warmer months. WOMEN: CrystalRead more »

S/S 2013 Must Watch Eyewear Trends Video

Can’t get enough of eyewear? Neither can we. See the latest spring/summer specs and sunnies in action — you won’t be able to resist these luscious frames, that’s for sure.

Customize Your Peepers with Visualites Specs

Everybody’s got their own style. So why not rock eyewear that perfectly matches your unique look? Visualites wants you to do just that! With its latest V-Lites collection, you can customize a pair of specs—which are super lightweight, by the way—fit for your personal taste. Whether you like bright hues, tortoise patterns or neutral tones,Read more »

Have No Fear, Your Eyewear Valentine is Here

When the infamous Feb. 14 rolls around each year, it suddenly becomes totally acceptable to overly indulge in savory sweets, sob over sappy romantic movies and tell your crush exactly how you feel with a cheesy card. But even if you don’t dig the Valentine’s Day hoopla, you can still have fun decking yourself outRead more »

Urban Influences Dominate Modz Eyewear

Cities are prime places to draw artistic inspiration. And that’s precisely the direction Modz took with their latest eyewear collection, basing their frames off of unique street styles sighted in the hippest urban locations! Cleverly named after various well-known hot spots, each set of specs exudes its own intrinsic vibe. Some of these glasses displayRead more »

Dolabany Eyewear: Where Comfort and Color Collide

Let’s face it. Nobody likes wearing uncomfortable specs. After all, they’re usually adorning your face for hours on end, so they’ve got to feel—and look—just right! Luckily, Dolabany Eyewear has combined the best of both worlds with the latest Paxton eyeglasses. Crafted with a lightweight material, these frames were specially designed for a single purpose:Read more »

Grammys Bring on Celeb Specs-Appeal

The music industry’s top artists strutted their stuff on the red carpet, sang  their hearts out on stage and excitedly paid tribute to the talented winners at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night—and all in their most eye-catching getups! However, some of the glitzy garb proved to be quite risqué, given the strict dressRead more »

Ogi Eyewear Sparks Futuristic Vibes with Evo-Tec Line

Sleek lines and bold hues dominate Ogi Eyewear’s latest Evo-Tec collection, featuring futuristic specs specially designed for the modern male. Molded into traditional rectangular shapes, with ultra-sharp edges, these glasses scream contemporary. While titanium material makes these frames light as air, acetate additions provide much-needed balance and richness. And splashes of both neutral and vibrantRead more »