Fall ’14 Readers Trends for All Sorts of Styles

Simultaneously bid farewell to squint and say hello to style with fall’s spankin’ new stash of reading glasses! Let’s face it—nobody digs struggling to see the teeny tiny font that’s sprawled across everything from books to newspapers to magazines. But lucky for you, there are lots of fabulous readers and sun readers (if you frequentRead more »

Swoon Over Fall’s Readers ‘n’ Accessories

Squinting over teeny tiny font is no fun! That’s why reading glasses are an absolute must for anyone who enjoys curling up with an enthralling novel or flipping through an entertaining magazine—heck, they’re even essential for those of you who read non-stop for work! So stop struggling with itty bitty text, and get your handsRead more »

Customize Your Peepers with Visualites Specs

Everybody’s got their own style. So why not rock eyewear that perfectly matches your unique look? Visualites wants you to do just that! With its latest V-Lites collection, you can customize a pair of specs—which are super lightweight, by the way—fit for your personal taste. Whether you like bright hues, tortoise patterns or neutral tones,Read more »

Men Reading Have Never Looked So Good

Reading glasses are an essential for many guys who need a little help with seeing the finer print. While some men may be hesitant to embrace readers, those that already sport them know it’s better than getting caught squinting at the menu or the newspaper, which makes you look much older than pulling out aRead more »

Visualites are a Must for Summer Reads

Those of you who are well-versed in reading glasses may have faced a summertime reading dilemma. You’re headed to the beach or pool armed with that trashy romance novel or heart-pumping thriller, but can’t decide between bringing your reading glasses or your sunglasses. You don’t want to be one of those people who wear theirRead more »