EVATIK Delivers Sleek, Wearable Designs

On the prowl for modern, sophisticated eyewear without sacrificing comfort or durability? Guys can look no further than the latest EVATIK specs. Streamlined semi-rimless frames – with pops of red, navy and green hues – give way to cool contemporary edge. Plus, they’re crafted from stainless steel with screwless hinges to ensure they remain intactRead more »

KLiiK Eyewear: Where Classic Meets Cool

On the prowl for wearable specs with a touch of fun flair? Look no further than KLiiK’s latest frames. Traditional rectangular and square silhouettes command attention, and are further accentuated with a slew of flattering hues – think rich blue, jet black, Marsala red, elegant purple and vintage amber, as well as tortoise and hornRead more »

EVATIK Glasses Define Contemporary Edge

Resonating with gents who dig modern, clean designs, the latest EVATIK specs combine sleek silhouettes, masculine hues and subtle detailing! Angular rectangles and squares are beyond flattering and versatile for professional guys everywhere. A palette of jet black, copper, horn and navy, not to mention a slew of understated accents – think keyhole bridges, matteRead more »

Flirty ‘n’ Fabulous Glasses Courtesy of FYSH

It’s all about the details when it comes to the spankin’ new FYSH specs! A slew of feminine accents – from laser etchings resembling butterfly wings and embroidery, to ribbed press patterns, to lace-inspired and leather inlays, to vintage keyhole bridges, to translucent feathered effects, to mosaic-like prints, to scalloped edges – commands attention. GuaranteedRead more »

Eyeing Up Frames for Back-to-School

As summer (sadly) comes to a close, mommas and daddies alike will be on the prowl for new back-to-school garb for their little ones! Fresh specs and sunnies are absolute musts for any youngster’s fall wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends while maintaining a spirited, youthful vibe, these frames are totally appealing to squirtsRead more »

A Simply Masculine Perspective from EVATIK

Minimally chic designs command attention when it comes to EVATIK’s collection of summer specs for guys. Very little detailing—besides subtle keyhole bridges, matte finishes and metallic temple accents—allows these streamlined rectangular and softened square silhouettes to truly stand out. An array of versatile neutral hues—think classic tortoise, navy blue, jet black and sandy beige—makes theseRead more »

Kick Off Summer with Fresh KLiiK Specs

A spankin’ new array of glasses courtesy of KLiiK has arrived just in time for the seasonal shift! With a slew of alluring hues at the forefront—from vibrant teal, royal blue and hot pink, to grounding navy, black and amber—these specs are the perfect additions to any gal’s summer wardrobe. Flaunting ombré colorations, glossy andRead more »

FYSH Specs Define Understated Funk

Modestly cool details take center stage when it comes to the latest FYSH specs! Funky accents—from subtle two-toned colorations and hints of snakeskin print, to geometric-inspired textured temples and layered effects, to glossy and metallic finishes—run the gamut, adding fun elements to these chunky rectangular silhouettes and sleek cat-eyes. Feminine hues, like soft peach andRead more »

KLiiK Frames Flaunt a Distinctly Modern Look

Showcasing clean lines, pops of vibrant color and matte finishes, the newest KLiiK glasses give way to an utterly sleek contemporary look! Gals who love modern style are sure to swoon over these frames’ semi-rimless, streamlined rectangular silhouettes with oval influences. A slew of eye-catching hues—from fuchsia and turquoise, to cobalt blue and purple, toRead more »

Say Hello to Spring 2015 Eyewear Trends

It’s probably safe to say just about everyone is totally over the frigid wintry weather that won’t let up. The only thing keeping us lively amid the constant chill is the fact that spring is in sight—we literally can’t wait to bid farewell to the ice cold and say hello to warmer times, not toRead more »