Test the Limits in ic! berlin Eyewear

ic! berlin’s frames are out of this world! In partnership with the Austrian Space Forum, which is executing a series of field simulations and experiments in the Omani desert, ic! berlin shades are being put to the test. Astronauts will be sporting the brand’s iconic screwless sunnies during their rigorous trials to shield the eyes from the harsh desert sun, mimicking the extreme Martian-like conditions. The resilient feather-light designs of these specs and sunnies make them the perfect additions to the team’s equipment – not to mention, they are super stylish. Oversized shield-inspired silhouettes, perfect rounds and contemporary aviator sunglasses defend the peepers, as bright yellow, soft pink and sleek silver hues are fun hints of panache. Meanwhile, indoor work is best done in smart round profiles and chic rectangular specs. Sophisticated blues and browns make these frames effortless for everyday wear. Check ‘em out, below.

ic! berlin (Fadeaway), ic! berlin (Baseline), ic! berlin (Alley Oop), ic! berlin (Layup), ic! berlin (Vincent B.), ic! berlin (Hofmann)