Eras Recollected

Harking back to bygone eras – of the ‘50s, ‘60s ‘70s and even ‘20s – eyewear takes a deep dive into Eastern European culture for an innovative take on vintage styling. The color palette says it all, with dated hues made new. Earthy in nature, pewter grays, pea greens, navies, ambers and muddled whites reign supreme for both genders, with mauve pinks and rich reds more dainty than the rest. In the men’s corner, categorically vintage profiles – most notably quintessential rounds in both totally wire and chunky acetate constructions – are played up with tinted lenses, ombré looks, unexpected materials, and bridges and browlines reminiscent of yesteryear. For women, antiquated glamour takes center stage showing off truly statement styles for the femme of the femme. The feline silhouette is a stunner this season, not to mention floral motifs, jewelry-inspired accents and leopard print.