Fashion Unscripted

Bold, brazen and beautiful, the glasses lumped in this trend are bursting with the most fabulous styles for guys and gals who aren’t afraid to push the limits. Designers show no boundaries, presenting newly envisioned pantones, structures, lens treatments and more that cross gender barriers, proving to be sought-after options for all sexes. With neon purples, lime greens, cherry reds and even coral pinks on deck, daring dudes enter new territory, especially with revamped teardrop profiles, stud embellishments, wire constructions and frame-less profiles. To boot, the frames for babes walk a fine line between simply eyewear and wearable artwork, with honeycomb-esque pieces, scalloped edging, 3D-printed frames, floating illusions, high-gloss finishes and encrusted gemstones proving to be anything but ordinary.