Relics Unraveled

Remnants of the far past and distant future collide this season, giving way to historically romantic period pieces mixed with modern edge. Rooted in yesteryear, the selection of autumnal eyeglasses and sunglasses presents a lovely juxtaposition of traditionally vintage frames with contemporary accents. Turning back time, ladies are transported to an age where luxury and opulence reigned supreme – picture femme lace, glitzy gemstones, shimmery gold finishes, sparkly prints and ornate etching. For gents, the quirkier side of the bygone era permeates with categorically old-school Clubmaster, round and teardrop silhouettes, adorned with tile-work patterns, industrial metals, leather appliques, rugged wood finishes and clip-on lenses. An earthy, yet elegant, palette of rich reds and emeralds, burnt coppers and browns, as well as nudes and off-whites rounds out this old-meets-new trend.