Urban Influences Dominate Modz Eyewear

Cities are prime places to draw artistic inspiration. And that’s precisely the direction Modz took with their latest eyewear collection, basing their frames off of unique street styles sighted in the hippest urban locations!

Cleverly named after various well-known hot spots, each set of specs exudes its own intrinsic vibe. Some of these glasses display a retro look, with dapper rounds, wayfarer-inspired silhouettes, keyhole bridges and temple embellishments. Meanwhile, others are more contemporary, featuring sleek rectangular silhouettes, rigid line detailing, metal accents and cutouts. And all of these acetate and metal frames come in lively colorations, with splashes of cherry red, neon blue, industrial gray, jet black and tortoise patterns.

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From top to bottom: Modz (Akron), Modz (Rockford), Modz (Provo), Modz (Pocatello), Modz (Talladega), Modz (Lubbock) and Modz (Jackson)