Wear Specs, Get a Job?

Prepping for a killer interview this week? Chances are you’re studying the company’s website, conjuring up challenging questions and practicing your most intellectual, finely tuned responses as to why you deserve this job. Think that your reputable education, impeccable manners and relatable experiences will be the swaying factors determining your fate? Guess again.

The Daily Mail reports that a study conducted by the British College of Optometrists suggests job seekers who don glasses are more likely to find work.

Here are the facts:

  • 1/3 of Brits think a person looks more professional in specs
  • 43% believe that the bespectacled are more intelligent
  • 40% would consider wearing glasses—even if they don’t need them—to try and land a job

Adding more fuel to the fire, relationship expert and author of Solemate, Lauren Mackler, says “When we see someone wearing glasses, we assume that they are quiet, intelligent and don’t cause problems. And this is important in a job interview since those first few seconds can be a real deal breaker if an employer doesn’t like your appearance.”

While we’re not suggesting that you bypass the traditional interview blueprint completely, we do think that spending more time picking out sophisticated eyewear could make a difference in that ever important first impression.

To help you out, here are a few frames styles that are sure to inspire some job worthy looks:

For the guys, try tortoise specs in a classic shape like this BCBG frame by ClearVision Optical to make a confident statement. For a sleek look, opt for a pair of thin-wired square frames like this Cruz pair by A&A Optical.

Top: BCBG (Lorenzo) by ClearVision Optical Bottom:Cruz (I-6) by A&A Optical

Ladies, look stylish and smart in a modified cat-eye like this Cinzia Black frame by Europa International. With subtle metal accents on the temples it’s enough to get you noticed without overdoing it. Or get the ultimate bookworm look in Face á Face’s Kazan square frame. The tortoise temples add a fashionable element and will draw attention to your eyes.

Top: Face á Face (Kazan) by Face á Face Bottom: Cinzia Black (CB02) by Europa