Wiley X Keeps Style In & Elements Out

There are finally sunglasses that can keep up with those of us who love to brave the outdoors and whatever curve ball Mother Nature throws our way. Wiley X has introduced Curve, a stylish wraparound frame from their Climate Control Series that will keep your eyes protected, no matter what activity you’re doing.

Designed with a soft, removable foam facial cavity seal, Curve keeps out harsh elements like wind, debris and reflected light. Wiley X’s exclusive top down ventilation and climate control technologies minimizes eye fatigue and keeps cool air circulating for fog-resistant lenses. What’s also great about this sporty frame is that it’s made for people with narrow facial structures, so it provides a snug and comfortable fit that won’t slide around.

Once you have a pair of these bad ass shades, Mother Nature can never get in between you and your next outdoor adventure.

Climate Control Series (Curve) by Wiley X