New Year, New You

Most of us have a never ending list of New Year resolutions for 2012 by now. But, like every year, our ambition fades with time and all of those good intentions to go to the gym, eat right, save more cash, etc. are put on the back burner. While we’re all about making positive life changes, we also like to be practical and give ourselves the chance to check a resolution off the list. That’s why we suggest giving your eyes a makeover with a new pair of specs. A trendy pair of frames is an easy way to update your look and give you a fresh start for the New Year – not to mention it’s a whole lot easier than some of the aforementioned goals. Here are some tips to help guide you to your next set of specs:

Complement Your Face Shape
Identify your face shape and play up your strengths in the right pair of frames. Not sure what to look for? Find out the rule of thumb for oval, square, oblong, heart and round shaped faces here to get fabulously framed.

Match Your Fashion Personality
By now, you’ve probably established your fashion personality, whether you’re a fashion junky, laidback hipster or outdoor enthusiast. It’s essential that your specs are in line with your everyday life and give off the right vibe. Find out what frames work for your style here.

Get the Perfect Fit
Just like your favorite pair of jeans, comfort is of utmost importance, especially for frames you wear on a regular basis. Glasses should sit on the bridge of your nose without sliding, frames should never rest on cheeks and temples should rest securely behind your ears. If you need help, you can always consult an optician.

Invest in Multiple Pairs
Having plenty of options to choose from is vital to keeping your personal style in check. Take a look at your closet. You know one pair of pants and a shirt won’t cut it, so why limit your collection of specs to just one? Variety is a necessity, so do yourself a favor and start investing in multiple pairs.

Stay on Trend
This season is filled with hot trends, and it’s key that you take advantage of them if you want to revamp your look for 2012. Ladies, cat-eyes, baroque details, and apparel inspired prints are all the rage right now. Meanwhile, the fellas should be looking for bold browlines, retro shapes, tortoise hues and minimalistic designs. Here are a few suggestions to kick start your new spexy look:

D&G (D&G1216), Diane von Furstenberg (DVF5655), BCBG (Georgina), Vera Wang (V055)

VonZipper (Joe), Tumi (T305 & T101), DSQUARED2 (DQ5015), Tru Trussardi (TR12725)